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University Scholarship Program

Since 1997, FFHL has given full university scholarships to over a 177 students who were economically marginalized but had strong academic talent. The Franciscan Foundation pays for 4 years of college including tuition and books. Hence, through the generosity of Christians in the U.S., FFHL is holding the ‘educational doors of opportunity’ open for the Christian community in the Holy Land.


Since 1997, FFHL has given over $3.5 million in both university and special educational grants to marginalized Christian students.

Fr. Pizzaballa, Chairman of FFHL and Custos of the Holy Land, consistently stresses the importance of securing a college education for our marginalized Christian youth. He believes that with a degree in hand, they will be able to secure employment and become a productive member, not only, of society but of their Christian community.”

More and more opportunities will be available for our young people in the future if they can graduate from the university. 

2011 Scholarship Recipients 2010 Scholarship Recipients
2009 Scholarship Recipients 2008 Scholarship Recipients
2007 Scholarship Recipients 2006 Scholarship Recipients
2004 Scholarship Recipients 2003 Scholarship Recipients
2002 Scholarship Recipients 2001 Scholarship Recipients
2000 Scholarship Recipients

Where are they Now?

Khader Dowani

Mary Kattou'a

Rudy Hendal

Juamana O. Samara

Jack Amer

Shadi Kort, Shadi Di’des, Rozeen Hajjar

Grace Jilleh

Fotel Micke

Victoria Gabriel Zreineh

Victor Maher Ammar

Shehadeh Habash

Ramzi Sleiby

Niveen Rofa

 Goals of the Foundation . . . 

To provide academic scholarship's for talented but underprivileged Christian students. Initially, the program aspired to award 75 full scholarships and 50 partial scholarships for a total of $1,000,000. This goal was reached in 2005.

 Current Statistics . . .

1. Presently we have sponsored over 147 students in various universities in the Holy Land with an investment of over 1.6 million dollars. 
2. The year 2008 saw the sixth graduating class of the Foundation's sponsored scholars - over 65% have found professional employment! Of the remaining, most are young women who chose to get married and raise families. 

 Support a Student . . .

The Foundation has been able to provide excellent opportunities for Christian students in the Holy Land through the generosity of people like you. But there are still many more students who need our help! A full scholarship for 4 years is $24,000 ($6,000 a year).

You can sponsor a student by donating any amount! Just click here and specify scholarship funds for your gift! 



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