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  Programs & Projects


In 1997 FFHL had only two (2) programs:  University Scholarships and Housing.


In 2012, we now have fifteen (15) programs!


Of all the 15 programs, the most important continues to be the “University Scholarships.”  This program was established to provide the needed motivations and incentives to our young Christians to remain in the Holy Land.  It has been highly successful because all those who have been given a scholarship and graduated have stayed. 


Upon graduation, 70% of our scholarship recipients became dentists, pharmacists, physicians, attorneys, engineers, educators and business professionals.  And now they are able to purchase or rent housing.  They have decided to stay in their homeland.  The other 30% consist of women who have married and are raising a family in the Holy Land.


The principle means of raising funds comes in the following order:


1.      Fundraising Dinners and Auctions

2.      Cultivation of Benefactors

3.      Receptions/Talks

4.      Yearly appeals, newsletters and pilgrimages to the Holy Land


  Programs and Projects


I.  Educational


·         University Scholarship Program

·         Child Sponsorship Program

·         Magnificat Scholarship Program

·         Vocational/Technical Scholarship Program (NEW) 2010

·         Educational Grants (NEW) 2011


II.  Humanitarian


·         Franciscan Boys Home – Bethlehem

·         Franciscan Family Center – Bethlehem

·         Children without Borders – Jerusalem

·         Children Christmas Show – Bethlehem

·         Children “March for Peace” – Jerusalem and Bethlehem

·         Franciscan Social Service Office – Bethlehem (NEW) 2011

·         Franciscan Family Center – Nazareth (NEW) 2011


III.  Housing


·         Subsidized Housing

·        Housing Renovations


IV.  Memorial Hall – Bethlehem

V.  Maintenance of the Holy Sepulcher Convent (NEW) 2010