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FFHL Earns Coveted Charity Navigator 4-Star Rating for Fourth Consecutive Year12/15/17View Press Release2
Indianapolis Gala Dinner Will Benefit Christians in the Holy Land10/6/17View Press Release3
FFHL President to Travel United States Raising Awareness of Christian Plight in Holy Land9/9/17View Press Release4
Ohio Group to Hold Dinner to Support Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land8/31/17View Press Release5
FFHL President to Make Two-Month Apostolate Visit Beginning in September8/25/16View Press Release6
Dallas Region to Host Dinner to Benefit Franciscans in Holy Land8/22/16View Press Release7
Prominent Texas Law Maker Joins Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land Board7/19/17View Press Release8
Orlando group to hold dinner to support Franciscans in the Holy Land8/18/16View Press Release9
Ohio group to hold dinner to support Franciscans in the Holy Land8/17/16View Press Release10
Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land Achieves Charity Navigator's 4-star rating2/25/16View Press Release11
Bethlehem University Vice-Chancellor to Speak in Indianapolis on behalf of Holy Land Franciscans on October 3, 2015 at the JW Marriott9/23/15View Press Release12
Franciscan Leader Speaks Out on Holy Land Church Arson6/18/15View Press Release13
Franciscans Launch New Website to Aid Middle East Christians5/21/15View Press Release14
Franciscan priest to make 85th Atlantic crossing this March seeking support for Christians in the Holy Land2/26/15View Press Release15
Popemobile Used in Bethlehem Donated to Franciscans of the Holy Land12/9/14View Press Release16
New Sports Center For Kids to Promote Peace in the Holy Land11/25/14View Press Release17
Christian Ohio Group Raises $86k for Holy Land Christians9/24/14View Press Release18
Franciscan Holy Land leaders express views on Middle East conflicts and Gaza ceasefire8/29/14View Press Release19
Ohio group to hold benefit dinner to help Franciscans in Israel and Gaza8/21/14View Press Release20
Orlando Region Gears Up to Help Christian Arabs8/19/14View Press Release21
Franciscans Friars Continue to Serve Minorities in the Midst of Israeli-Hamas Conflict8/12/14View Press Release22
NBC's WESH-TV Greg Fox to Emcee Franciscan Benefit Dinner in Orlando7/8/14View Press Release23
Oliver North to Speak at Benefit Dinner in Dallas6/30/14View Press Release24
Holy Land Franciscan Reflects On Being With Pope Francis During Pilgrimage5/30/14View Press Release25
Pope Francis Receives Honorary Plaque from Franciscans of Holy Land5/29/14View Press Release26
First-hand Stories on Pope Francis' Holy Land Trip from Foundation President Involved in Planning5/19/14View Press Release27
Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land achieves Charity Navigator 4-star rating5/6/14View Press Release28
President Heads to Jerusalem After Numerous Fundraisers4/19/14View Press Release29
Franciscan Foundation Serves Up Successful Benefit Dinners for Holy Land Christians4/9/14View Press Release30
Foundation fundraising dinner supports Church in Holy Land3/28/14View Press Release31
Dinner to benefit desperate Christians in Holy Land3/7/14View Press Release32
Franciscan President Faces Grueling Six Week U.S. Visit2/27/14View Press Release33
Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land Announces Nebraska Benefit Dinner for March 162/25/14View Press Release34
Indiana Benefit Dinner2/12/14View Press Release35
From Little Town to College Town: Bethlehem Celebrates 40th Jubil...1/15/14View Press Release36
Franciscan Boys Home in Bethlehem to Continue Operating in 20141/15/14View Press Release37
Bethlehem University student shares her joy this Christmas12/20/13View Press Release38
Special Children's Advent Program Includes Gifts and Music12/12/13View Press Release39
Strumming their success12/11/13View Press Release40
Cardinal Dolan Challenges US Bishops to Stand up Against Persecution12/11/13View Press Release41
Custody of the Holy Land and FFHL Joins with Mt Zion Foundation in promoting peaceful Co-existence11/18/13View Press Release42
FFHL Friar, Bro Callistus Welch OFM Dies at Age 81 on October 14th, the Feast of St. Callistus10/16/13View Press Release43
Cradling Christianity Contributes $92,000 to Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land10/13/13View Press Release44
Two to Receive Guardian of the Holy Land Award At Biennial Vatican Embassy Dinner10/2/13View Press Release45
Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land Releases New Video Series9/12/13View Press Release46
President of the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land to Visit United States8/22/13View Press Release47
Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land Applauds Proposed Papal Visit to Jerusalem8/8/13View Press Release48
FFHL cautiously optimistic7/31/13View Press Release49
Social Media Provides New Global Reach for FFHL7/26/13View Press Release50
Two-Year Vocational Programs Helping Slow Exodus7/25/13View Press Release51
Bethlehem University Expansion Will Add Greater Education Opportunities7/24/13View Press Release52
Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land Says Water Project in Old City of Jerusalem Provides Clean Water and New Jobs7/19/13View Press Release53
Christian Schools in Gaza Strip Threatened with Closure7/18/13View Press Release54
Beloved Custos of the Holy Land Reappointed7/3/13View Press Release55
Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land Says Praise for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Comes From All Faiths in Middle East6/26/13View Press Release56
FFHL Issues Urgent Plea for Elderly6/20/13View Press Release57
Upper Room on Mt. Zion To Open for Catholic Worship6/18/13View Press Release58
Franciscan Custody issues urgent appeal to help Syrian Christians6/11/13View Press Release59
Magnificat Institute Called "Laboratory of Peace"6/6/13View Press Release60
Franciscans in the Holy Land Celebrate the Body and Blood of Christ Right Where It All Happened6/3/13View Press Release61
Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land Sponsored Student takes 2nd place5/30/13View Press Release62
Cardinal Timothy Dolan Speaks at ND5/24/13View Press Release63
The only one of its kind - Terra Sancta Museum5/23/13View Press Release64
Preserving a Christian Persence is FFHL new blog site5/15/13View Press Release65
Franciscan Foundation Fears Total Christian Exodus From Holy Land5/14/13View Press Release66
Announcing a little known pilgrimage site under lock and key5/13/13View Press Release67
New Film lines up with the work of the Franciscans5/10/13View Press Release68
Tell the Truth University of Bethlehem students exclaim5/7/13View Press Release69
Children Without Borders balloon into new cities5/5/13View Press Release70
Opus Dei sponsoring talk on the holy land4/28/13View Press Release71