RegionNameDateLocationMore Information
FFHL Board Meeting5/3/19Royal Palms Resort and Spa- Private Event -
IndianaIndiana Region Spring Gathering*(TBD-Spring)Carmel, IN- Private Event -
OrlandoAn Evening in Bethlehem (A benefit dinner for FFHL)9/14/19Sheraton Orlando North Hotel (600 North Lake Destiny Rd, Maitland, Florida 32751)Speaker: Brother Bray Guest Speaker, Vice Chancellor Bethlehem University
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ColumbusBenefit dinner for FFHL9/18/19St. Charles Prep - Robert Walter Commons
2010 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43209
Speaker TBA

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FFHLBoard of Directors Meeting*(TBD-Summer)TBD- Private Event -
IndianapolisBenefit dinner for FFHL*(TBD-Fall)TBDSpeaker: Joe Reitz, Indianapolis Colts Offensive Lineman

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FFHLVatican Dinner10/12/2019Vatican Embassy - Washington DC- Private Event -
FFHL Board Meeting10/11/19Fall Board Meeting
Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America
- Private Event -
FFHLPilgrimage*(Fall) 11/26 - 12/6/2019Holy LandRequest More Info
FFHLPilgrimage*(Spring) 3/10 - 3/19/2020Holy LandRequest More Info
FFHLPilgrimage*(Fall) 11/29 - 12/8/2020Holy LandRequest More Info