FFHL St. Francis Appeal

Christians in the Holy Land know they have a very special mission given to them by God.

“Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love.”
–St Francis of Assisi

These words by the founder of our order and the first Franciscan missionary for the Holy Land, Saint Francis of Assisi, have encouraged eight centuries of Christians to model Jesus Christ and His message of love and peace. In 1219, when Saint Francis made a pilgrimage of peace during a time of war, he met with the Sultan of Egypt, Malik al-Kamel. Despite their different faiths, the meeting marked the start of peaceful interactions and the presence of Franciscans in the Holy Land.

Sadly, strife exists again in the Holy Land. Christians are the victims of an unstable political and economic environment that has resulted in their exodus. For the last 25 years, FFHL has acted in the spirit of Saint Francis, promoting peace and harmony to support the Christian community in the Holy Land.

With your generous donations, we are able to provide humanitarian and educational programs to Christians who desperately need these tools to remain in a land of conflict. With programs dedicated to serving children, teens and adults, FFHL spreads the Word of God and helps stem the exodus of Christians from the Holy Land.

As we mark our 25th anniversary year, we must remember the bravery of Saint Francis and his faith in the Gospel so that we too can have a positive, peaceful impact on the Holy Land. We humbly ask that you consider assisting us in our Holy mission to transform the lives of multiple generations by investing in FFHL’s education and caring service of our Christian brothers and sisters. A monetary donation allows our programs to continue to serve those who need them most.

Know that I carry you and your loved ones in my heart, and lift you up in my prayers.

Yours in Christ,

-Fr. Peter F. Vasko, OFM President Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land

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