FFHL Summer Appeal

Christians in the Holy Land know they have a very special mission given to them by God.

No doubt you are seeing and hearing the news coverage of the challenges facing those living in the Holy Land. We are not immune to the chaos and turmoil impacting the Christians in the Holy Land, but so far, thanks be to God, we are safe.

What had started out as a normal summer with the children and youth active in soccer, music, and camp activities has quickly deteriorated. Our Christian families are frightened, and some are unable to work due to the turmoil in the region that has been going on for months.

Thanks to our donors, and our brave and dedicated Franciscan brothers and priests, we are tending to our flock of young people and families, many of whom are in need of extra spiritual as well as physical sustenance.

As our young people resume their studies in the fall, they fulfill the hope of many to strengthen the Christian presence here in the Holy Land. Their commitment to being the “Living Stones” – of maintaining a strong presence here where Jesus lived – is palpable and it is only with your help that it can be achieved.

We pray for peace, and ask you to pray for us here in the Holy Land, doing the Lord’s work day and night.

We welcome your financial gifts as well, and assure you that every contribution supports our work on behalf of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Yours in Christ,

-Fr. Peter F. Vasko, OFM
Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land


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