Special Syrian Refugee Appeal

It goes without saying that Syrians are facing a challenging time in history. As the violence and harsh conditions increase, many Christians are facing unsafe and chaotic conditions. Most are being forced to leave their homes and communities to seek safety for their families. There has been an influx of refugees leaving war-stricken Syria and finding safety and hope in surrounding countries and in parts of the Holy Land.

The FFHL has set up a special fund to provide aid for these Syrian Christians fleeing their homeland. In addition to helping them with the basic necessities of food, shelter and clothing, the FFHL is helping to support health clinics and a hospital in Aleppo, operated by the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land.  The FFHL is also assisting the Custody with four reception centers to receive refugees and provide them with love and other basic necessities. It is dedicated to providing them with the essential resources they need right now!

Just as Pope Francis invites all of us not to forget the men and women seeking a better future, please prayerfully consider supporting the FFHL in its efforts to provide Syrian refugees with basic necessities, love and hospitality. These are our Christian brothers and sisters and they need our help!

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